Housing Counselor

Location: Ontario, CA

Position: HUD-CERTIFIED Housing Counselor

Status: Open

Employment Type: Full Time

HOUSING COUNSELOR - Job Requirements:

The successful candidate must have a HUD Housing Counseling Certification (required) with a background in housing counseling, through education and experience. The counselor must be able to perform all essential duties and functions of the position, including, but not limited to:

  • Knowledge of local housing market dynamics and of Federal, State, and other laws concerning real estate and lending;
  • Knowledge of HUD Handbook 7610.1;
  • Knowledge in the following counseling topics: pre-purchase,financial education, default-foreclosure and rental housing;
  • Be able to explain the foreclosure process in a face-to-face counseling or public setting;
  • Be able to maintain accurate and detailed client records;
  • Be able to conduct presentations (first-time homebuyer and financial education topics);
  • Build relationships with the community through outreach, presentations, and workshops;
  • Have knowledge of fair housing laws as applicable to housing counseling;
  • (Preferred) Be a HECM certified housing counselor.

Must be able to appear at job assignments on time and be capable of working independently as well as under the direction of management staff. The ability to use networking systems effectively is a must and bilingual (English/Spanish) is preferred. Given the confidential nature of the work to be performed, professionalism is a must. Valid driver's license required. IFHMB is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Other duties as assigned.

If you are interested in the position please email your resume to hr@ifhmb.com.

* Qualified candidates will be contacted and scheduled for an interview*