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Rental Counseling

Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board offers free rental counseling to the community to assist those who are transitioning from home ownership to renting or are just new to the renting market.  This free rental counseling service is also beneficial to those that are looking for affordable housing.

Rental Counseling Assists with:

  • Educating tenants about their rights and responsiblities under Landlord / Tenant laws
  • Researching and finding affordable housing listings
  • Understanding and reviewing Credit Report
  • Budgeting and Money Management so that you are in control of your money
  • Guidance in Fair Housing Awareness and Equal Opportunity housing so that you understand your rights as outlined by the United States Department of Urban Development (HUD)

To find out how IFHMB can assist you with rental counseling or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (909)984-2254 ext. 125 for our Rancho Cucamonga office ,(760)243-3312 ext. 16 for our Victorville office or at (760)482-5773 for our El Centro office.