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First-Time Homebuyer Class

Do you or someone you know need to complete a First Time Home Buyers course required by a down payment assistance program? Are you a previous or current homeowner looking to return to the home purchasing market? If so, please join us for a First Time Home Buyer Education Seminar.

Our First Time Homebuyer workshops educate future homeowners on the complete process of purchasing a home. The class covers areas such as how to buy a home, budgeting, credit, mortgage loans, and how to avoid default and foreclosure on your home purchase. All participants who complete the eight-hour course will receive a certificate of completion from IFHMB, a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency.

All participants that complete the course will receive a certificate of completion from the agency.

(Free: grant funded)

Register now to take advantage of the free tuition (a $100 value.)


Click Here to register.

For more information visit ifhmb.eventbrite.com or contact IFHMB at:

(800) 321-0911 ext. 190

Email: fthb@ifhmb.com

CLICK HERE to view upcoming First Time Homebuyer classes.

Interested in taking the online course?

FTHB Online

In partnership with eHome America, IFHMB is proud to offer an on-demand First Time Home Buyers course. This online course allows you to complete it at your own pace. The fee for the online course is $99.

Please click here to register for the online First Time Homebuyer course.