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Educational Video: Equal Access to a Place to Call Home

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Educational Video: Equal Access to a Place to Call Home 

Should your personal characteristics such as race, religion, gender or disability limit your options when choosing a place to live? Fair Housing laws mandate that they should not. IFHMB’s video “Equal Access to a Place to Call Home” will introduce you to Fair Housing laws and teach you how to recognize and report housing discrimination in order to obtain equal access to a Place to Call Home. To request a DVD copy of this DVD call call 1-800-321-0911 ext 175 or email marketing@ifhmb.com

Chapter 1: “The Best Kept Secret of the Civil Rights Movement” (approx 11 min)
Chapter 2: Knowledge is Power: Your Rights under Fair Housing Laws (approx 17 min)
Chapter 3: Equal Access for Individuals Living with a Disability (approx 13 min)
Chapter 4: “Don’t Borrow Trouble”: Avoiding Lending Scams (approx 5 min)
Chapter 5: Holding Housing Providers Accountable: How to Report Discrimination (approx 4 min)


“Equal Access to a Place to Call Home” with English Subtitles

“Iqualdad de Acceso a un Lugar al Cual Llamar Hogar” con subtitulos en Espanol