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Fair Housing

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Trainings IFHMB regularly offers training workshops and presentations to provide information about fair housing laws and the services and resources available through Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board. Workshops and presentations are offered for housing providers, city staff, and the general public throughout the year. Please contact us to schedule a course to suit the specific needs of your company or organization at 1-800-321-0911 or by email at fairhousing@ifhmb.com
Topics covered in Fair Housing workshops include:


  • IFHMB programs and services
  • Federal Fair Housing Laws
  • State Fair Housing Laws
  • Protected categories
  • Examples of discriminatory activities
  • Fair Housing rights and responsibilities
  • Suggested actions to avoid discrimination complaints
  • Suggestions for Fair Housing policies, practices and procedures
  • Reasonable accommodations and modifications
  • Design and Construction requirements for multi-family housing
  • Suggestions to avoid discriminatory advertising
  • Fair Housing resources, brochures, and literature