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Pre-Litigation Mediation

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Policies and Procedures

What is Pre-Litigation Mediation?


Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board’s Pre-Litigation Mediation Program is designed to offer lower income individuals a less expensive alternative to filing a traditional small claims or unlawful detainer action, for resolving those disputes that may not be proper for a lawsuit, and for giving the parties to a lawsuit the opportunity to resolve their dispute before their court date. Mediation allows the parties to a dispute to sit down with an impartial and neutral third party who will attempt to help the parties work out a settlement of the dispute between them in a more relaxed environment at one IFHMB’s offices as opposed to a courtroom. Thus, for a modest fee, the parties to a dispute have the opportunity to resolve their disagreement without the time and expense involved in going to court. If you are interested in getting information about IFHMB’s PLM Program, please read the complete ‘Policies and Procedures for the Pre-Litigation Mediation Program’ below, call 800-321-0911 or e-mail us to get started. If you are interested in signing up for the PLM Program, please click the link and complete our ‘Request for Mediation’ form, or call or e-mail today!

To contact IFHMB’s Pre-Litigation Mediation department, call 1-800-321-0911 ext 128 or email adr@ifhmb.com

Payment Instructions:

The payment option below will allow for two payment options, please select the applicable option

1. Private-Private : Both parties in the mediation are not representing a business. (use payment option 1)
2. Private-Business : At least one party in the mediation is representing a business. (use payment option 2)

Private Business